Chad Schayes | Head Bartender

Chad has been with Elixir Lounge for 6 years and has had the opportunity to learn from talented bartenders during that time. Leading the beverage program, he likes to add rotating seasonal drinks that compliment our signature cocktails on the menu. Chad enjoys focusing on creating balanced cocktails, which tend to be spirit forward.

Favorite Classic: Negroni

Favorite Elixir Signature: Bloody & Bruised

Christopher Sarvis | Bartender

Chris joined the Elixir team with a degree in pastry & baking and vast amount of background working in kitchens. His understanding of flavors has given him the ability to successfully experiment pairings not typical for cocktails. Chris’s focus is on bringing his knowledge to the forefront and creating unexpected flavors for our guests.

Favorite Classic: French 75

Favorite Elixir Signature: Apple Crisp Martini

Drew Wilhelm | Full-time Bartender

Drew joined the team 4 years ago and has become a invaluable part of the team. He has developed his bartending craft over this time and spearheads our “Seasonal Sundays” with fresh fruits and ideas. Drew focuses on refreshing cocktails with a surprise like habanero agave or wasabi honey.

Favorite Classic: Old-Fashioned

Favorite Elixir Signature: The Professor